Earmuffs are made here at JD Tuote by hand in five different models, Tunturi, Teddy, Tunturi fleece, Teddy fleece and Fleece.

Some models are so thin that they can be used under a riding helmet or bicicle helmet for examble, and still the mechanism doesn't hurt the head. Most sold colors and models are in stock most of the time.

There are several colors and also special combinations are made to order. It is possible to have spcial text or logo printed or emproidered on the earmuff. In that case we will deliver the needed pieces to the address given to us by the client, before sewing the product.

  • Earmuffs

      Product SKU Price
    Tunturi TunturiArtificial fur on the top side and cotton jersey on the inside. 1 13,00 €
    Tunturi fleece Tunturi fleecePolar fleece on the top side and cotton jersey on the inside. 1fl 13,00 €
    Teddy TeddyArtificial fur on both sides 2 13,00 €
    Teddy - fleece Teddy - fleeceOne side is artificial fur and the other side is polar fleece.Usually polar fleece is in the inside. 2fl 13,00 €
    Fleece FleecePolar fleece on both sides. 2f 13,00 €