Rosettes / Printing

Rosettes can be used in different kinds of happenings, campaigns and competitions. Rosettes in 1 - 5 layers and 7 - layers are in our basic selection. Selection of colours is comprehensive. One can choose between a safety pin or a hook. Delivery is fast and flexible, and special wishes can be made.

Rosettes are handmade domestically.

With ones own logo and different kinds of specialities one can make unique rosettes.

The length of the tails as standard: 1 & 2 - leyers 20 cm, 3 & 4 - leyers 30 cm, 5 - leyers 40 cm and 7 - leyers 50 cm. Other lengths have to be mentioned in the order.

  • Printing

      Product SKU Price
      Foil printing plate Diameter: 50 mmPrice for 1 plate, when ordering 2 or more plates the price per squer sentimeter drops PL1 45,00 €
    plate printing plate printingPositioning of the printing plate causes higher price for first printing, next 4 prints are ingluded. 5th and folowing prints with same plate 0,50€/pcs HP 2,00 €
    Ribbon texting Ribbon textingDigital printing, colors e.g gloss gold, gloss silver, matt gold, white, black.thinner color foil than plate printing causes see-through problem speicially in light color ribbons.Multiple prints on the same color ribbon lower the price HP3 3,00 €